Dance of Life at King Edward Quay, Bethany-Jade Greenwood

Its pulsating essence beckons me.
Whispers ancient stories in my ears,
While the salty air kisses my cheeks.
The smell of fish, chips and timeless sea,
Navigating through my veins,
Makes my heart a ship,
Destined to sail forever.
Where the night sits,
Embracing the silhouette of the buildings,
Old structures harboring wisdom and stories.
Tales of old fishermen and smiling peddlers,
Paint the night sky with the brightest stars,
And the ships echo back tales.
Of stormy nights and breezy days,
Over a mug of frothy beer and deep-bellied laughs.
There is a captivating rhythm here,
On the stone paved streets, by the waterfront,
I witness souls leaving and entering,
Journeys starting and ending,
Creating ripples, whispering secrets,
And holding each other's life like,
It was their own, not bound by blood.
But by this river’s undeniable ebb and flow,
The heart sees a tale woven with history,
Brimming with the simplicity of togetherness,
Bearing a familiarity that touches every soul.
Each footstep becomes an echo of a timeless song,
Repeated, refined and forever cherished.
I realise, we are but fleeting visitors,
Captured by the everlasting dance of,
The Quay and the stories it chose to share.
So I continue my walk, along the cobblestone streets,
An honored guest, welcomed by,
The relentless rhythm of an enduring melody.
Thank you,
For reminding us
That in this dance of life
We are all but,
Transient passers-by,
In an ever-unfolding tapestry of,
Shared histories and,
Inevitable change.

Bethany-Jade Greenwood, 27th February 2024 / Location 6