We’re inviting you to take inspiration from any moment on the walk or the surrounding area to submit content under the 2024 theme of ‘Memories’. Submissions could be in the form of, but are not limited to, poems, riddles, local advice, anecdotes, short stories, photography with captions, short films or spoken word. 

- Content to be related to moments on the walk/Colchester
- Content to be under the theme of ‘Memories’
- Minimum photo resolution of 3600px at 72dpi, please ensure images are JPEGs
- Film/ audio time limit of 1 minute. Any spoken word in film pieces must be subtitled
- Spoken word within film or audio content must be accompanied with a written transcript
- Word limit of 250 words for written pieces, please ensure written entries are text files

Please click below to submit. Submissions will be reviewed quarterly. Any questions please submit them to: hello@walkwithwords.co.uk or over Instagram: @walkwithwordscolchester