Share the memory , Natalie Byrne

Come with me,
Share the memory,
When celts and Roman’s
walked the streets,
That are now modern,
Between green and stones,
The oldest home Britain knows.

You can still hear the whispers
by the riverside,
Secrets that the quays
seem to hide,
Stories untold,
unveil and unfold,
Across bridges,
That lead to more than one hundred roads.

From Britannia way,
To Annan road,
Follow me,
Time travel through medieval gates,
Where kings had their castles,
Up to this date.

I’ll take you up the river Colne,
Direct from the port,
Little places to stop and hide,
To remember imagining,
The past through landscape,
That remains intact until this time.

Castle park,
The university,
Pieces of jewels of the crown,
That conform the city centre,
of Colchester town.

Natalie Byrne, 27th February 2024 / Location 11