Colchester's chronicles, Lisba Naissery

Memories reside in the meandering streets of Colchester,
Where history murmurs from St. Botolph's side.
In Britannia Way secrets emerge,
Old stones narrate forgotten stories of monarchs and monks.

The urban symphony of cafes and stores
Across Magdalen and Brook is a clamour of energy.
The town's embrace is full of life,
With different faces and civilizations coexisting.

From the route on Hythe Hill to the river's flow,
Where marine murmurs softly sparkle.
The murmurs of stories at sea from St. Leonard,
Of the wild and unfettered fantasies of sailors.

Maudlyn Road is a peaceful residence,
Where whispers from the cemetery roam.
The transient dance of life, embraced by memory,
Echoes with melancholy grace.

Dreams stretch out as the waterfront murmurs,
Along standing quays, boats, and yachts.
Tales about adventures on the Colne tide,
With all the romance and charm in each glide.

Boundary and Annan,
Where hearts unrestrained by football's passion and cheers echo.
Oneness in allegiance, the dulcet melody of pride,
The stadium's embrace, and enduring memories.

Seasons reveal, Salary Brook's story,
Clinghoe's voice, and Nature's canvas.
The countryside dances to harmony, green areas breathe,
And life is an unending journey.

In daily life, avon, hawthorn, and clematis
Sway and speak to one another.
Home and garden, the serene colour of life, ties to family,
And a genuine sense of community.

Memories blend together in Colchester's streets,
Leaving just whispers of fleeting experiences.
Every step is graced with recollections of existence,
History, and the embrace of nature.

Lisba Naissery, 1st March 2024 / Location 16